Champagne Jam

Grand Central 9/17/11
Miami, Fl

This was my first time watching Peaches perform live. I missed her show for Art Basel and I heard it was insane so I couldnt miss her again. But I was kind of scared because I had seen footage of her shows and Im never really in a mood to be around cross dressers w/dildos flopping around. Nobody wants to end up getting poked in the eye, especially not while taking photos. Not my thing, ya dig? Luckily there was none of that and her set/performance was cool. Peaches wore what looked like shoulder pads covered in tits w/baby heads for nipples. Yeah, that sounds about right. She was poppin bottles of Moet all night, 6 to be precise. I felt like one of those baller guys in the rap videos with less strippers. She almost drowned one girl up front but I dont think she cared.

*** Video footage coming soon ***