Carlo$ and Flipz5.

blah blah blah we’re awesome x amazing.

Rok The Spot is a duo, formed by Flipz5 and Carlos. Two Colombian born brothers who have lived on both coasts of the U.S but call Miami home.  They have no formal art training aside from Flipz5, who attended one year at South Miami’s magnet program for art in elementary school. His class was part of an international exchange with a class from Spain.  The students paintings were sent to the others country for display as part of a Columbus Day art show. Aside from that, drawing, painting and creating is natural to both.

There is an obvious influence in their style that comes from graffiti, an element that they added to their arsenal in middle school.  Flipz5 and Carlo$ would rather not describe their style, as they feel its a task entirely up to the viewer.  Such reactions include a model claiming she loved Flipz5 more than her mother for a portrait he painted of her.  Another woman claimed she could hear one of the paintings by analyzing the vivd brush strokes and mimicking the sounds she heard.

Carlo$ and Flipz took their self taught techniques along with graffiti influence and applied their style to clothing and canvas. It started with Carlo$ designing for friends and later showing Flipz5 the ways. They went on to create custom painted clothing for collectors, dj’s, alt models, and musicians including Itagui, (frontman for Grammy nominated Locos Por Juana).

It wasnt until time spent in Orlando they realized the art world was something they could be a part of. Through smaller local shows and networking, they were commissioned by Vitamin Water to paint feature canvases for an art charity event. That charity is run by none other than Shaquille O’neals mother, who purchased one of the canvases for her collection. Vitamin Water would call on them once more to paint live on their float during the Citrus Day Parade that was part of a national broadcast.

During Art Basel  of 2008 they released a limited run of tshirts introducing their character, Art Bastard.  The concept and illustration were well received by all, including hip hop mogul Russell Simmons who saw the design and said “thats a cool-ass shirt”.

Rok The Spot has recognized the influence their artwork has and are using their momentum to make big moves.

Rok The Spot is about…?

The answer to that question is just as important as WHY is Rok The Spot?

Rok The Spot is myself, Flipz5 and my brother Carlos. What are we about? What do we do?
Shit man.  We’re both natural born artists and creating is 2nd nature to us. I take photos when I go out cuz its fun to me. We arent a “club photography” website. That label makes me want  to regurgitate. Or punch a goat. Or both. Shooting is just something that happened, even though I first dabbled w/photography in the 4th grade. I do it because I like going out to have fun and I want to share the madness w/you through my eyes. Lucky you. But like I said Im an artist first so drawing and painting come first. I also come up with a lot of our ideas and my brother helps implement them. Carlos is a dope ass artist. Creativity and skills on aerosol are unfuckwittable, ya dig? Real handy with the steel. He does a lot of the dirt on the street team front. He too, is good at having a great time.

We used to hand paint custom clothing and then moved on to getting our designs printed. Creating is therapy. We’re basically documenting the shit we like doing and the clothing is part of the movement. Two smooth cats from Colombia letting the world know how we get down.
Were also definitely not twins. Maybe we are. Were triplets and our other brother only visits for Basel. Maybe yes not just kidding for real tho. Huh?

So what kind of fukkery are we into? Sneaking into a vip party through the side door. Mixing 4Loko w/vodka + whiskey because watermelon makes a great mixer. Everybody knows that. Complaining about shit publicly that everybody knows is wack but nobody else will do it. Sweaty ass parties. Encouraging people to be honest even if it will upset people. Its not on some rebellious teenage angst bullshit, its just that its the way it should be. Rok The Spot, we do things our own way. Its the only way we know how to. To be honest, we’ve never known what its like to be “normal” anyway.